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What is the cost to participate in the show?
Participants are required to register to verify the authenticity of the accounts as a protection measure and depending on the category under which they register they will be sent an email with the cost information.
How can I register?
If you are a buyer, registration is free. Just click the link for buyers registration and submit your information. You will receive a USIF number after the your credentials are verified.
If you are an attendee?
Click the link for attendee, fill out the information and you will receive a link with the payment  instructions to reserve your spot. This is a very exclusive event and we have limited access for the attendees. Please make sure you secure your spot by submitting the payment. After submitting payment, you will receive another email with a link to the trade show platform, including steps to be able to login during the show times. Link will not be activated until the show date. 
How long it takes the application to get approved?
48 to 72 hours.
Can I cancel my participation once I have made my payment?
No, there is no refund for USIF Show registration.
I can’t log in into my account?
Contact customer service and provide your unique USIF number.
Can I allow someone else to use my link?
No, it is non-transferrable. 
What happen if I am a first-time International manufacturer, can I participate?
We highly recommend and encourage first time manufacturers to register and participate, we offer many different solutions to help them through all the process.
How do I log in on the day of the event?
When you register for the USIF Show, we’ll immediately send you an email with more information about how to access the platform, build your booth (if you are an exhibitor), browse the platform, schedule and attend meetings, etc. Keep an eye on your email inbox for any messages coming from USIF! If you need further help getting familiar with the US market, please reach out to the USIF support team at
Will I be able to take away information or brochures from the event?
Yes, companies can include downloadable content in their booth setups that you can explore and take home with you as needed.
As a Exhibitor what can I show on my booth?
Exhibitors have total control over the content in their booth. Branding materials, product catalogs, brochures, blog articles, can be shown in the booth as downloadable content, and companies will also have the ability to include links to five purchasable products in their booth.
Are there going to be more USIF shows ?
Yes, keep an eye out for information about the USIF Show in 2023!
What are the benefits of hosting a virtual event during this time?
Staying connected! During this time apart, communication and connection with your target audience is more important than ever. And a virtual event often provides the opportunity to connect with people around the world, that wouldn’t have been able to join in person. Virtual events are also scalable (no event space limits!) and more cost-effective than a live event. They can be pre-recorded in pieces to help scheduling, increase quality control, and also save costs. Another major benefit is the ability to measure and accurately report on the event data. This provides the ability to truly track the engagement of your attendees: How many people attended a virtual session, how long did they stay, how many questions were asked, and so much more!
How can I contact the exhibitors?
Once you are registered and attending the event, the platform allows you to connect to the exhibitors, you can download documentation, visit their booth send them a message or an email, watch videos or live-streaming content, browse their website, schedule meetings, etc.
What is the privacy policy?
View USIF privacy policy here.